Atheist Waves vs. Facebook Poll comments

Wave Excerpt:

(on the difference between agnostics &atheists) one is impractical in its equivocations about nonsense. the other tries to move on, leaving the anachronistic baggage trailing behind like a reptiles desicated skin, while the equivocating agnosticator uses the trailing waste to climb aboard and poke their withered, detumescent reason at my purple monkey.

Facebook Should Children Be Spanked Poll Comment Excerpt:

Does Kathryn think doctors should not be allowed to help individuals make end-of-life decisions? Is she arguing that personal liberty should be constrained when an individual is making decisions about how to experience his/her final moments?
One parting statement. To claim that evolution produces superior beings is an error. It make no such claim. Evolution promotes adaptation. So in that spirit I will commit an off-topic comment. Please note that this is not designed to be incendiary. I share my evidence of evolution with the caveat- i am still examining this. please note that the people I love and respect the most are theists. My proposed evidence for evolutionary missing link is: faith.

The missing link: people with faith.
Yes, the irrational requirement of dependence upon a fantasy given an absence of data to support its existence represents a link to the bicameral mind. Not requiring faith is an evolutionary adaptation that will benefit the survival of the species because we will be less prone to irrational solutions to disciplining our children. Again, please forgive if this offends – it usually does. I welcome any advice for how to share this without offending.

wow. wow. perhaps others on this list are correct. parenting should require a license. facebook can be a scary place. i have seen families torn apart by lazy parents – overly permissive and aggressively autocratic, but ive never seen such a concentration of unwarranted defense about their god-given right to inflict pain upon their children in the misbegotten attempt at control. Im (weary of rhetoric devoid of even) one shred of evidence aside from an irrelevant anachronistic mythological volume. I would love to wake in a few hours, come back and be provided with any evidence supporting these claims of the efficacy of violence. Your claims of causality linking childrens actions to a deficit of pain seem wildly capricious, are perfectly untainted by reason. Your strongest argument for spanking: It works, stupid. Ya hit them, they stop and they remember. Well, may you not take it too far. May you blissfully perpetuate your violence insulated from reason, empathy and my children.

Facebook Should God be taught in Public Schools Poll Comment Excerpt:

Absolutely. Those who voted no are divorced from history. There is a very real danger to not teaching the evidence that people once depended upon fantasy to make decisions. The concept needs to be taught as a part of our evolutionary history. What a rich and variegated history it is. Its time to move on. Without admitting that we were once powerless in our fear of the unknown and accepting that we once lived by irrational, maladaptive principles that nearly brought civilization to an end would be hubristic. We need to own up to our evolutionary recidivism to reduce the havoc its distortion has already wreaked upon our future. Shame on you who have voted for this attempt at historical revisionism! Shame. You should know better!

Facebook Is there a god? Poll Comment Excerpt:

I appreciate your investment! I slip through frustration into antogonism all too often. The potency of emotional responses to the topic of belief indicates that belief is integrated in our self-identity. In an anonymous public forum i find the fight response often predominates (over flight). I think it is very important to release control of my beliefs – to remove myself from what I think is in front of me in order to percieve it accurately. This comes from my discipline (how many people refer to their work at thier discipline – how pretentious can I get?). Im an artist. My job is to observe and report. The one step Im leaving out differentiates me from scientist. Its omitted because that word has been vacillating between augment and respond. Observe, respond, share response. How do I respond to the concept of god? The same way I respond when I draw. I (attempt) remove all the signs – all the labels – and observe. I make marks that I see, not what Ive been trained or told to see. I attempt to remove myself from the scenario – I go back an I check the marks I have made to see if they correspond to the relative proportions of value, and scale. I may make alterations that correct errors based upon assumptions, or lazy seeing. As the word nose only distorts my ability to percieve the constituent forms, hues and values that i am observing when i draw the model before me, so the word god only distorts my efforts to determine the plausible. While people can look at my drawings and say things like GREAT NOSE! (remember, i was not attempting to draw a nose.) They never* have said great god!

It prejudices my observation with what I think i know. In the case of the word nose. you might argue that you are ignoring a great history of shared observation. In the case of the word god. There is no case, only ravings.