Kevin Williamson recommends a free market gargle.

An invigorating rhetorical pugilist who prides himself on keeping informed and practices an inventive and engaging brand of historical revisionism. Our conversations never failed to inspire however intractably Kevin required adherence to his carefully plotted script. Now hes written a popular book for other unrestrained market evangelists.

Heres a link to a c-span luvfest with Putzhoretz where kevin lets slip his secret communist agenda. Midway he equates Swedens success to, of all things, cooperation.  I do appreciate that he presents a lucid argument, even when his host encourages him to rave, kevin shows restrain and refocuses the conversation on his principal argument. For Mr. Williamson Socialism is:

  1. The public provision of non-public goods
  2. the use of central planning attempt fulfillment.

I appreciate his perspicuousness and his good humor. I look forward to reading his book. While he never ceases to entertain, it is usually the research I have to do to follow up on his historical references that enlightens.