this is curdling… recidivistic hubris slapped my solipsist silly

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Curdling gurgles of perceptions attrition: Interview with a meretricious movement analyst.

Stuck shoulder-high in the crevasse, her arm — taut sinew squeezing skin against craggy rock — frozen excoriations stretched into icy distended digits under the breeze. Gaunt fingers isometrically craving. Caved in, straining for a trusted texture.

She sat down across from me on the sofa. In Hues incalculable estimation, stretching a commodifying lycra aesthetic over her thin itchy rashed response to my jittering dissonance imbued entertainment or at the very least, meaning to my obtuse stuttering blurt:

Values paucity
clicked through my
lateral seem.

Podcast crackling a dry, scratchy voice void of upper register moisture:

drawing observational mark-making is the only discipline ive established for increasing awareness of my response to visual stimulus.

 Treacly, prepared respose spills prematurely from the hosts flapping face. Stepping on and spoken like a physiologically reductive self-correcting twitch:

Its not surgery: Design involves the excision of the ego, art, la langue, will and signification. By excoriating the residue (a kind of provenance) of experience, we attempt of the sloughing away of labels (including all the sticky glue backing that usually requires an overnight soak). Artificially precipitation of conditions for non-reciprocal re-cathected dissonance displaces the preferred goal of approaching the mundane singularly experienced through observational drawing, twisting
the illicit and insipid
and inane and elicit

She pulled the davenport (rhetoric) away from the wall to allow for greater mimetic distension. And more of that touchy-feely texture. You see, less resolution than fidelity is Hues goal. His whispering couples coping with the will as anti-representation… then trailed off into spurts of decadent whimsical froth.
Good luck with
the insurgent catalepsy
of empathy floundering
in its nascent