The RNC Beacon of Light, Paul Ryan, Doodle

This rough doodle happened while watching Paul Ryan address the RNC. It could clean up, much like the candidate does for these occasions – or it could continue to channel his inner zombie… He holds his shit so tightly together, that it might be kinda refreshing to see some more of the methodical monster slip out. Well see what happens. Ill rematch his address with the iPad in front of me and see where the angels of resolution lead us. Check out the tail end of his address below…


Quote of the night: Paul Ryan RNC Convention

College graduates should not have to live out their twenties in their childhood bedrooms. Staring up at fading Obama posters…!

I missed the beginning, but what I saw of the address was very wiley crafted, clean and effective. I was struck most by the contrast between his slick, crisp brand with the distorted mass that was the rest of the auditorium. The the lopsided postures of messy flesh and gaping lolling-tongue faces. The explicit illicit rapture of some of the participants was palpably moist for his method.

Check out the last 14 min: