fears intransigent calcification pt 1

We needed to begin somewhere.

His memory was as good a place as any.


Her rapture coalesced with her hair in a kind of frothy homogenized violet chatter about the process of grappling . engagement with bodily processes especially. Tongue lashing of shared perception (coupling and re-coupling) left a pool of brown-tinged fluid under the desk he had ducked under until school let out. anus positioned on the apex of the epistemological, dabid described the contents of his vault to a fault. He was suspended.


If the action vocalist wants each verbal utterance delivered with perfect reciprocal equilibrium to an auditory still life experienced vicariously: As if the viewer experienced applying the paint (or perhaps had been the paint), then conceptual artists work can be critiqued partially based upon its relative transference-ability of its meta-(data, fiction, reality, process).




Homunculus Modeling of My Enlarged Sycophantic Philter